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My name is Angela Feeney and I am a Local Area Representative for Maynooth. I grew up in Maynooth and my family have lived here for generations. I am married to Barry with three children and we live on the Straffan Road.

I attended the Presentation Girls National School, Maynooth Post Primary and Maynooth University where I studied to PhD level. I have a strong belief in the empowering value of education to Society. Currently I am Head of the School of Business and Humanities at the Institute of Technology in Tallaght. 

A former Secretary of Maynooth Labour Branch, I have worked over the past 15 years with Cllr. John McGinley and Emmet Stagg on Community matters throughout our Great Town. With John retiring at the next Local Elections I want to continue the Tradition of Labour's commitment to serving our Community.

Locally I am the elected parents' representative on the Board of Management of Maynooth Post Primary School since 2015. I am a member of Old Greenfield Residents Association and represent the association on Maynooth Community Council. I previously served on the Maynooth Playground Committee which lobbied and negotiated the development of the excellent facility we have at The Harbour Field. 

As your Local Area Representative I want to ensure that the following issues, to name a few, are being acted on locally; 

* Provision of Affordable Housing and Council Housing

* Provision of Maynooth Ring Roads in order to alleviate town centre traffic

* Extension of DART to Maynooth

* Delivery of State of the Art Education Facilities

* Provision of PLC Education in Maynooth for those who have not been offered opportunities at third level

* More Garda visibly on the beat in Maynooth

I look forward to working with you in the coming months and years to improve Maynooth Town. If you have any issues or suggestions you would like me to raise please do not hesitate to contact me.

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